drink tank

n: drink tank; pn: drink tanks

n: drinktank; pn: drinktanks

1: a body of experts from the on-trade drinks sector providing advice and ideas on specific production, marketing, political or economic problems.

e.g. “drink tank is devoted to the study of creating a better on-trade drinks environment through sharing best practices and customer behaviour whilst shaping the political and economical landscape”

The agenda is not yet finalised for our inaugural Drink Tank event. We’re currently organising a wide range of topics with a variety of expert speakers, each with their own unique insights into the on-trade drinks industry. Our event partnership with research and insight business CGA means we will deliver unique market data to help you and your business navigate the future drinks landscape.

For now though, see below for a rough outline of the days proceedings…

Scene Setter: Keynote inspirational speaker from industry to set the scene

Overview: Overview of drinks category and consumer attitudes/behaviour with CGA to then split into different insight sessions to drill deeper into those key trends in each category to run concurrently, featuring CGA and supplier insight into the following: Beer; Cider; Wine; Spirits; Softs

Train, Train and Train: Having the perfect drinks range is fine, but if you’re staff can’t deliver the perfect serve and upsell at the right times, you’re missing out. CPL will provide some key insight into how you can upskill your teams.

Tech Forum: Breakaway area for suppliers who are delivering the latest innovations and technologies to revolutionise the bar – perhaps featuring a masterclass panel with three operators that are leading the way.


Inside the Mind of the Consumer: A live focus group with a group of consumers will offer valuable and up-to-date insight into the current consumer market, and how they view the offer the trade is presenting.

> Break out sessions to run concurrently focusing on key consumer trends: health and wellbeing, sustainability

Inside the mind of the influencer: CGA to present key results from their influencer research, everything operators need to know. This will feature a panel interview with key influencers, followed by bookable breakout sessions with the influencers for small masterclass sessions.



> Innovation, innovation, innovation: What’s driving the sector forward? We’ll present some of the key developments in the sector, and what’s in the pipeline.

> Backing the right horse: New products are launched everyday, but how do you see the Fever Trees for the woods – we’ll be presenting the top tips to ensure you know what’s hot to stock, and not end up with a stock room of what’s not.

> Future pack: How are suppliers responding to the growing concerns around sustainability, and how can retailers support and embrace that? We’ll take a look at the latest packaging innovations.

> Launch Roulette: Suppliers will get their five minute chance to pitch their products to the audience, with delegates able to vote live and pick their ones to watch.


Location, Location, Location: How and what to stock for wherever you are in the country. We present a regional break down of what products are flying where.

Business Leader Insider: CGA present the results of their business leaders survey, and we’ll be putting those to a group of suppliers to see how their reacting and dealing with those demands.


Price and ranging sessions

> The price is right: We’ll be taking a look at price sensitivity and how operators can flex their businesses according to consumer profiles.

> Inside the customer journey: We’ll be offering the opportunity to don some Virtual Reality kit and get inside the mind of the consumer and see first hand the consumer journey – what are we getting right, and wrong?

> Low and No ranging: This is a growing sector, but operators are struggling to get it to ignite on the bar – we’ll be offering masterclass sessions on how to get your offer to take off.


Experiential Corner

> What can the On-Trade Learn from the Festival Scene: We’ll be putting up key operators to give insight into how activation is bringing product to life outside of the bar environment.

> Drink-Led Experiences: How can operators create exciting and memorable drink-led experiences in sites simply and easily – we’ll be putting forward some key experts to share their experiences and advice.

Cocktail Top Guns: We’ll feature some of the stand-out operators from the Top 50 Cocktail list, who’ll be running masterclass sessions throughout the day on how to innovate when it comes to cocktails.

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